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My name is Sharon I was born in Jerusalem the youngest out of ten siblings, all lived in a one-bedroom apartment. I was a shy and quiet child that loved to walk in the mountains, read books, motivated by music and drawings. 

I started drawing sketches at a very early age. I was inspired to draw organic and exotic patterns that recalled Art Nouveau's early 20th century Movement.

My father taught me all he knows about craftsmanship, the feeling of raw materials and handwork.
He also implants seeds of a real passion for precision and excellence.

By the age of 26, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to work with my hands, 

I was looking for something that could combine art and skills, to discover how to put an idea into practice, To give a physical dimension to my dreams.


At the age of 28 just after completing a basic jewelry course, I heard from a friend about a city called Jaipur, located in Rajasthan India, where he told me that there are lots of factories that polish and deal with gems, the huge variety of jewelry and gems that concentrate on one place has intensified my experience, and by the first day I felt at home. I was exposed and connected with a diverse range of art styles, jewelry making techniques and the infinite variety of gemstones.


I traveled for about three years as I was trying to catch up with the gap, between my desires to create, and the meager knowledge I had at the time.
My passion to learn along with the curiosity has made this journey challenging, and since then I have been looking for new ways to create the next thing.


I developed my own design style with my own vision, A vision of merging and creating natural motifs from the minerals themselves, and of interconnection with the natural elements, like the fluidity of water. I fell in love with that unique style and continued to push the boundaries of creativity winning several International Jewelry Awards.


I am 46 years old, married to Lital and the father of four amazing kids. Jerusalem is still the place I call home and inspired by its surroundings.
My collections remain close to my passions: nature in the rough, marine animals, the sea, desert life, and my free spirit.


LAYANI jewelry is a celebration of life, freedom, family heritage and knowledge – and I embody these values through my art.
Each piece is unique and has the perfect blend for each jewel, that is why it appears as if they arrived untouched. I try to make a harmony between the gold and the stone resulting in a fluid organic shaped piece of jewelry.
When I work, I do not feel how the time passes I just have fun and that is a sign that I am involving in what I really love.
I also enjoy the freedom to create and the ability to make people happy through my art. 


My jewelry is fundamentally tied to natural movement. The link begins in my mind and extends out through my creative process.
My aim is for the client to feel that connection through the aesthetics, in a sense, it is my way of communicating.

When I design, I think about the pearl inside of its shell. How it evolves and transforms year after year. I imagine the continuation of the pearl as if it had never been removed. What could it have been? What shape or size would it have evolved into? My process is completed when I blend the gold and the pearl together - a marriage of two different elements that are equally beautiful in their own ways.
Why look for the right stone after you make the product and not the opposite way?


So, I began to shape around the stone itself to make the connection between the gold and the stones or pearls, that felt more natural to me, especially when it comes to amorphous shapes. I let the stone or pearl defined my final creation, the vision revealed through the main assembler.
Living in the mountains of Jerusalem not far from the dead sea and traveling my country and other unique places in the word I always let nature and spirit fulfill me with inspiration.  


LAYANI is a high-end jewelry brand that uses craftsmanship of the highest standards, ensuring that designs are brought to stunning reality. This is the delicate relationship between creative inspiration and cutting edge. 
The House is committed to ethical principles that are more valuable than even the finest of jewelry. Nothing is as precious as our environment and our society; we will always focus on finding new solutions that can help.


LAYANI Fine Jewelry is a celebration of nature. The finest of earth’s materials, blended into elegant shapes that create harmony.


LAYANI Fine Jewelry praises nature in movement. Our jewelry is as essential and raw as the natural world, with no disruptive elements to alter its beauty. 
Our jewelry is created with a combination of 18K gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones, and exquisite natural pearls.
Every piece has a unique story and vision, harmoniously bridging the divide between artistic expression and conceptual sophistication. 


LAYANI believes that each stone is unique. The uniqueness of unwanted and uneven pearls, gems and minerals are embraced and enhanced by our craftsmen. We connect gold to stone in the most natural way, the result of which is an organic, fluidly-shaped piece of unforgettable jewelry.

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