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We believe that there are no excuses for not treating the earth and the people who live on it with the utmost respect. 
There is a lot wrong with the jewelry industry but we are not going to sit back and complain about it, no, we believe in leading by example.

Our goal is to contribute to a limited human footprint by finding practical solutions for our business. 

At LAYANI Fine Jewelry we authenticate our suppliers and the materials used in our jewelry, to ensure sustainable and responsible practices. 


Our Pearls 

All of our pearls are certified, authentic cultured-pearls, sourced from pearl culture farms that are committed to continually improving environmental practices. 

Each pearl has its own gemological identification. Just like the diamonds’ Four Cs (Clarity, Cut, Color, Carat), we select the most qualitative gems according to pearl type, size, color, shape, luster, surface, nacre thickness, and matching. 


Our Diamonds

We work with two kinds of diamonds: natural and laboratory. As natural global resources become more scarce, LAYANI’s belief in leaving no stone unconsidered is of real benefit for this growing challenge. We believe that by taking something from nature, we should not decide what is to be kept and what is to be discarded.
We pride ourselves on being able to find a use for every element and make it beautiful in its own right.

Conflict-free diamonds

Layani readily complies with the rules of the Kimberley Process by only using conflict-free natural diamonds from trusted suppliers. 
We add rough diamonds to our collections because we are always seeking new materials.  


Our Semi-Precious and Precious Gemstones

We select our semi-precious and precious gemstones with great care and commit to buying gems from sustainable sources in full accordance with the Kimberley Process. We provide detailed certificates for all our jewelry. 

We use gems that have defects and inclusions, and colored stones with less light. In our hands, we are able to give them the shine that nobody expected.



 Our Gold

90% of our gold is recycled and repurposed, which contributes positively to the environment through the reduction in mining. We have high standards for how we conduct jewelry making, advancing a sensible, ethical course. 

LAYANI is a member of the Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals, an international treaty created to harmonize precious metal standards. 

All our findings are from a compliant manufacturer that meets all mandates set forth in the D odd-Frank Act, maintaining to Norm ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management Certification.



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