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LAYANI Fine Jewelry is a celebration of nature. The finest of earth’s materials, blended into elegant shapes that create harmony
Our jewelry is created with a combination of 18 karat gold, precious and semi-precious gemstones, and exquisite natural pearls. Every piece has a unique story and vision, harmoniously bridging the divide between artistic expression and conceptual sophistication. 

The Designer

LAYANI is a high-end jewelry brand featuring the works of Israeli jewelry designer, Sharon Layani. Traveling the world, Sharon Layani found inspiration, new methodologies and the gemstones that enabled him to push past the boundaries of his creative limits.

Upon his return to Israel, Sharon Layani started shaping unique design patterns that would go on to become his award-winning signature style. To this day he continues to seek new inspiration, further pushing past the limits of what can be achieved with jewelry.

The House

LAYANI Fine Jewelry uses craftsmanship of the highest standards, ensuring that designs are brought to stunning reality. This is the delicate relationship between creative inspiration and cutting edge

The House is committed to ethical principles that are more valuable than even the finest of jewelry. Nothing is as precious as our environment and our society; we will always focus on finding new solutions that can help.




LAYANI Fine Jewelry praises nature in movement. Our jewelry is as essential and raw as the natural world, with no disruptive elements to alter its beauty.

LAYANI believes that each and every stone is unique. The uniqueness of unwanted and uneven pearls, gems and minerals are embraced and enhanced by our craftsmen. We connect gold to stone in the most natural way, the result of which is an organic, fluidly-shaped piece of unforgettable jewelry.




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