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Panton has announced the colors of the year 2021

Rough Diamond, Gold earrings, Pearls Jeaelry

For the second time in its history, the Color Authority has decided to choose two colors instead of one: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.

How Does this choice affect the world of international design?
We live in a time where people are looking for any way to be filled with energy, clarity, and hope that will triumph over the ongoing uncertainty.
The vibrant and empowering shades chosen for 2021 represent the search for vitality.

The yellow Illuminating is bright, cheerful, sparkling, and warming - a homage to solar energy, while the gray Ultimate Gray symbolizes a stable and solid rock and represents the need of each and every one of us to cling to a stable and permanent anchor.

These two colors, together and separately, symbolize eternal and natural elements and stimulating in their own way the shades of pebbles on the beach and sunlight. They emphasize our ability, despite all the difficulties, to stand the test of time and produce peace, calm, stability, and resilience.

Yellow is a primary color that is independent of other colors, meaning it cannot be created from a combination of other colors. perhaps this is also the reason why the color yellow was a symbolic color of the Chinese emperor and of the Chinese monarchy as a whole. And this year symbolizes hope more than ever.

Somewhat ironically, "gray", or shades of gray, are used as an expression of versatility, as opposed to the sharp dichotomy of black and white.
Gray is also associated with autumn and this year, in particular, is associated with strength.

Layani Sharon

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